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Student Activities Manual for Percorsi: L'Italia

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Francesca Italiano, Irene Marchegiani, Cecilia Boggio

Student Activities Manual for Percorsi: L'Italia Attraverso La Lingua E La Cultura

Editura: Prentice Hall

Anul aparitiei: 2007

The Student Activities Manual provides complete coordination with the structure and approach of the "Percorsi "textand offers an ample variety of written and listening activities correlated to the topics and grammar components presented in each of the textbook chapters. The traditional workbook exercises provide meaningful practice of the vocabulary and grammar structures introduced in each chapter, as well as practice in reading comprehension and writing skills. The audio exercises are integrated within each chapter and provide listening practice based on authentic speech and real-life situations. The video activities, also integrated within each chapter, complement the activities in the "Guardiamo" section of the textbook. These exercises offer students the ability to expand their understanding of the plot of the video segments while making connections between their own lives and the lives of the characters.


Star of Free Will

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Spaziani Maria Luisa, Lettieri Carol, Jones Irene Marchegiani

Star of Free Will

Editura: Guernica Editions,Canada

Anul aparitiei: 1994

Page dim. 114 x 190 x 9 Series: Essential Poets Weight: 142 grams


Percorsi: Pearson New International

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Italiano Francesca, Marchegiani Irene

Percorsi: Pearson New International Edition L'Italia attraverso la lingua e la cultura

Editura: Pearson Education Limited

Anul aparitiei: 2013

Page dim. 276 x 217 x 21 Weight: 1200 grams

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