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Teach Yourself Tap Dancing [With CD]

Descriere: @lt;p@gt;@lt;b@gt;Dance your way into a new hobby@lt;/b@gt;@lt;/p@gt;@lt;p@gt;Derek Hartley, a professional with 20 years of experienceperforming, teaching, and choreographing with his own company, teaches you the basics of rhythm and movement. With the help of a great practice soundtrack (on CD), he introduces you to all the basic steps and moves and then describes a number of fun routines to try. @lt;i@gt;Teach Yourself Tap Dancing@lt;/i@gt; covers the basics of traditional "show" tap as well as the more contemporary "rhythm" tap.@lt;/p@gt;

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Autori: Derek Hartley | Editura: McGraw-Hill Companies | Anul aparitiei: 2007 | ISBN: 9780071484640 | Numar de pagini: 160 | Categorie: Performing  


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