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Toward a Planned Society: From Roosevelt to Nixon

Descriere: Disneyland completed a major expansion in 2001. In addition to creating a sister theme park, California Adventure, it opened several new hotels and Epcot-like displays, all adjacent to one another. This guide to Disneyland offers: restaurant profiles for the full-service restaurants and mini-profiles for the counter service restaurants; rating and ranking for every attraction (rated and ranked for each age group) based on interviews and surveys of more than 6100 families; advice on when to go - the best times of year and the best days of the week; comprehensive coverage of Universal Studios Hollywood; all the Disneyland area hotels rated and ranked for value and quality of rooms; field-tested touring itineraries for adults and families with children; complete coverage of Disney's California Adventure theme park; tips and warnings for first-time visitors and those with special needs; proven strategies for planning the perfect Disneyland vacation with small children; tips on how to find and meet the Disney characters; tested touring plans for the new park to save hours of waiting in line; and complete information on Disney's FASTPASS system.

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Alte carti de Otis L., Jr. Graham (Author)

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Autori: Otis L., Jr. Graham (Author) | Editura: OXFORD UNIV PR | Anul aparitiei: 1976 | ISBN: 9780195019858 | Categorie: Business  


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Force for Change: How Leadership Differs from Management

John P. Kotter shows with compelling evidence what leadership really means today, why it is rarely associated with larger-than-life charismatics, precisely how it is different from management, and yet why both good leadership and management are essential for business success, especially for complex organizations operating in changing environments. The critics who despair of the coming of imaginative, charismatic leaders to replace the so-called manipulative caretakers of American corporations don't tell us much about what leadership actually is, or, for that matter, what management is either. Leadership, Kotter clearly demonstrates, is for the most part not a god-like figure transforming subordinates into superhumans, but is in fact a process that creates change -- a process which often involves hundreds or even thousands of "little acts of leadership" orchestrated by people who have the profound insight to realize this. Building on his landmark study of 15 successful general managers, Kotter presents detailed accounts of how senior and middle managers in major corporations, in close concert with colleagues and subordinates, were able to create a leadership process that put into ...


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