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School-Based Interventions for Students with

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William R. Jenson, Elaine Clark, Julie M. Bowen

School-Based Interventions for Students with Behavior Problems

Editura: Springer Us

Anul aparitiei: 2003

- Although there are several books published on behavioral problems, this is the first book that provides a variety of proven classroom strategies in a step-by-step format that educators can implement and incorporate into their classroom routine and curriculum - A helpful reference and instructional guide of over 100 interventions for managing and reducing behavior and learning problems in children and adolescents - Each intervention is written in an easy-to-follow format, which includes: the targeted behavior, age group, goal, materials needed, implementation steps, and troubleshooting ideas


A Mother's Prayer

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Christine Elaine Clark (Author)

A Mother's Prayer


Anul aparitiei: 2007

A Mother's Prayer is a book for women who pray. It is a book for women who need to pray. It is a book for women who need prayer. In A Mother's Prayer, we are led through the many facets of a woman's life, her children, her home, her husband, those humorous times she has had and her times of loss. These women talk about their relationship with their husband, their children and, most important, their relationship with God. They have learned throughout their lives that they need God in every day, and in every circumstance which they face. They have learned to cast their burdens on the One they know will never fail them and He hasn't. This book was compiled in response to a strong feeling that God wanted it to be written. Christine E. Clark is a 60-year-old great grandmother, grandmother, mother and daughter with a career in nursing. She writes from experience and it shows. She has lived through the tragic death of her son and talks to us from her heart with the hope that others who are faced with this and other life experiences will gain strength from these writings. - Anna B. Anderson, author of articles and stories of life in early Oklahoma


There's Money Where Your Mouth Is: An Insider's

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Elaine A. Clark (Author)

There's Money Where Your Mouth Is: An Insider's Guide to Earning Income and Building a Career in Voice-Overs


Anul aparitiei: 2011

Voices are increasingly in demand for commercials, cartoon characters, announcements, and other spots. This outstanding handbook explains how to launch a career and ?nd work. Along with sample commercials and script copy, the author gives advice on vocal exercises, self-promotion, and business matters. Chapters include: getting started, voice-over aerobics, copy basics, melody and tempo, layering techniques, believing what you say, commercial and stylized characters, corporate narration, animation, video games and toys, getting an agent, marketing your talent, and staying on top of the business. This expanded edition features new tips on making a demo CD, vocal modulation and breath techniques, advanced copy-reading strategies, and a section on how copywriters see the job of the voice artists for whom they write. If you've ever been interested in voice-over acting, you need this book


A Tangled Weave: Book 1 of the Twin Planet Series

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Elaine W. Clark (Author)

A Tangled Weave: Book 1 of the Twin Planet Series


Anul aparitiei: 2015

When exiled to Earth, Mikash'ran Shansi, a felineen of Orn, learns how a reflexive act can shape his future. Given an impossible task by his mother, Mikashy poses as the human, Michael Dawkin-Roy and attends graduate school at University of Colorado in Boulder. There he meets Cally Jansky and falls in love. Cally is haunted by the story that her mother encountered cat-like humanoids landing a UFO near Albuquerque, New Mexico. Even though Cally has evidence of the story's truth, she cannot believe something that would label her as a nutcase. Cally and Mikashy find themselves in a tangled weave of missteps and misunderstandings. This book is also available for Kindle.


Voice-Overs for Podcasting: How to Develop a

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Elaine A. Clark (Author)

Voice-Overs for Podcasting: How to Develop a Career and Make a Profit


Anul aparitiei: 2020

A Creative Performance Approach to Producing Podcasts that Showcase and Monetize Your Skills, Kno



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Elaine Clark Aldrete (Author)



Anul aparitiei: 2021

When Jen, a good-hearted teen, overhears a girl say that she's been "high all day," she g

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