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Secondhand Chic: Finding Fabulous Fashion at

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Christa Weil, Barbara Vine

Secondhand Chic: Finding Fabulous Fashion at Consignment, Vintage, and Thrift Stores

Editura: Pocket Books

Anul aparitiei: 1999

Fun, funky, and fabulous, this is the first personal buying guide to help you get in on the resale craze that is sweeping America. Would you like to find a mint-condition Yves Saint Laurent jacket for $25...a brand-new, pleated wool skirt still bearing the original $40 price tag, for $7...a genuine Dior suit for $75? Now you can! In Secondhand Chic you'll discover where to look, what to look for, and how to buy quality. In fact, you'll get all the secrets of spotting a valuable bargain so you can shop brilliantly whether you're in a consignment, thrift, or vintage store. Expert shopper Christa Weil shares the insider information that will help you buy the best clothes you've ever a fraction of the retail cost. Learn about: Spotting quality -- which you will know immediately from buttons, pockets, seams, and fabric Labels...big names, department store brands, exquisite foreign lines -- and fakes! Finding your size when there are no labels or tags Flaws you can fix and the ones you can't -- from wrong lengths and wrinkles to stains and shininess Unearthing handmade shoes, silk scarves, name jewelry, and other elegant accessories Buying what you really need -- and ...


The Chimney Sweeper's Boy

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Barbara Vine (Author)

The Chimney Sweeper's Boy


Anul aparitiei: 2006

Writing as Barbara Vine, Britain's preeminent mystery novelist Ruth Rendell crafts literary suspense of the highest order. With this richly textured and utterly absorbing page-tumer, Vine adds to her growing reputation as one of the great writers of our time. Bestselling and critically acclaimed novelist Gerald Candless dies suddenly, and leaves behind a wife and two doting daughters. To sort through her grief, his daughter Sarah puts aside her university studies and agrees to write a biography of her famous father. But as she begins her research and pulls back the veil of his past, her life is slowly torn apart: a terrible logic begins to unfold that explains her mother's remoteness, her father's need to continually reinvent himself -- and sheds shocking light on a long-forgotten London murder.

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