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School-Based Interventions for Students with

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William R. Jenson, Elaine Clark, Julie M. Bowen

School-Based Interventions for Students with Behavior Problems

Editura: Springer Us

Anul aparitiei: 2003

School-Based Interventions for Students with Behavior Problems is a book about helping children and adolescents who engage in severe behaviors to positively succeed in the school setting. The emphasis of this book is on the prevention of behavior problems through structuring the instructional environment and teaching appropriate skills-and intervention to reduce problems with practical, proven, and positive procedures. This book is designed for educators faced with the daily challenge of instructing students with behavior problems, social skill deficits, and academic delays. It is designed for teachers as well as those who work with teachers and students; school administrators, counselors, special educators, and school psychologists. In searching for effective behavioral, social skill, and academic strategies, the authors have reviewed hundreds of research-validated studies to select techniques applicable to varied instructional settings within the school. The orientation and contents of this book represent the authors' experience and professional training in teaching, clinical work, and research involving students with behavior problems over the last 25 years. ...


Toward Omniscient Command: How to Lead in the

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William P. Jenson (Author)

Toward Omniscient Command: How to Lead in the Information Age


Anul aparitiei: 2012

This study examines information age leadership in the United States armed forces. The intent is to develop specific skills that will enhance future military operations in the information age. The study will investigate a number of issues with regard to information age leadership: historical background, its nature and dynamics, significant factors, and doctrine covering information management and leadership. This multi-pronged approach will serve as the catalyst to a better understanding of information age leadership and the development of applicable skills. The study will open with a historical perspective of selected wars spanning the history of humankind. The following conflicts will be analyzed in terms of leadership: Peloponnesian Wars, Napoleonic Warfare, the American Civil War, World War II, and Operation Allied Force. The analysis and resulting factors will focus primarily on how commanders received and used information, and how it affected their leadership. These resulting factors will be analyzed to determine information age leadership skills. The study will then conduct a review and analysis of joint and service-specific leadership doctrine. Through this review, the study ...

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