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Beloved Partnership: Love in the New Times

Descriere: At this time of awakening on the planet, something new and magical is happening in relationships. It is beyond the two people coming together, and it is beyond ego. It seems Divinely orchestrated, with many mystical synchronicities. The partners making their way toward each other are walking the revolutionary path of wholeness. When they meet, they are in awe of how perfectly their potential partner "fits" with them. It seems a dream come true. It is a union beginning to happen that can be termed "Beloved Couples." At various times throughout history, the Beloved has been especially present to lead us forward into God-union. This current time of intensity on the planet, which some term Armageddon, is no exception. In fact, the Beloved union is needed now more than ever, even as our planet and peoples are under siege to the point of possible extinction. At such times, the Beloved surfaces to guide us forward--often as an Avatar or enlightened teacher. Now, however, because souls are awakening to their own wholeness and union with the self, or with infinite love, a man and a woman together can lead the way. This love between two illumined souls, who place unconditional love and unity, prayer, devotion, and service foremost, can be a light unto others. Together, they can be a light to raise the planetary vibrations through the healing essence of true selfless love. At this time, especially the years between 2000 and 2012, the power of the dark shadow is being revealed and broken. Through books, movies, videos, and the internet, the light of knowledge flooding the planet is causing many souls to awaken to truth. They are recognizing the falsehoods perpetrated on the world population. They are experiencing greater awareness and wholeness, beyond the confines of a limited worldview. The voices demanding peace and justice are more and more vocal. Slowly we are moving into greater illumination and light, even as the darkest, most hidden aspects of life on planet Earth are being exposed for healing. At the same time, these years leading up to 2012, and beyond, seem to be a pivotal time frame for many Beloved partners to come together. As they move in wholeness, souls are recognizing the beauty and balance of male-female within themselves, and the potential for new and blissful partnering. They are moving beyond the perpetrated distrust between the sexes. They are learning to receive as well as to give love.

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Autori: Linda Lee Evans (Author) | Editura: AVON BOOKS | Anul aparitiei: 2011 | ISBN: 9781466461383 | Categorie: New  


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