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Convertible Crochet: Customizable Designs for Stylish Garments

Descriere: Dare to Wear Crochet in More Ways Than One
Convertible Crochet is a brand new way to think about crochet fashion, exploded lace motifs, and flattering silhouettes. Award-winning designer Doris Chan helps you get more out of crochet with these endlessly adaptable patterns and techniques that can work with a variety of different looks, personal styles, and body shapes. You'll learn to personalize these designs by easily making alterations, adding removable elements, or simply styling the piece in an ingenious new way. Make it once. Wear it again and again.

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Autori: Doris Chan (Author) | Editura: POTTER CLARKSON N | Anul aparitiei: 2013 | ISBN: 9780307965707 | Numar de pagini: 144 | Categorie: Crafts  


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