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Experience Human Development


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Autori: Papalia Diane E., Feldman Ruth Duskin | Editura: McGraw-Hill Education - Europe | Anul aparitiei: 2011 | ISBN: 9780071316194 | Numar de pagini: 800 | Categorie: Psychology  


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Melanie Klein

The Selected Melanie Klein

This book provides a thorough introduction to the stimulating and controversial ideas of the woman who charted the field of child analysis--Melanie Klein. Freud was surprisingly silent on the "dim and shadowy era" of earliest infancy. It was Melanie Klein, one of Freud's most innovative followers, who revolutionized child analysis with her "play technique," illuminating the baby's most primitive fantasies and conflicts. Now, at last, the most important of Klein's writings are together in one volume, brilliantly edited and introduced by one of Britain's best known feminist thinkers. The Selected Melanie Klein feature the significant ideas of the woman who took the field of child analysis by storm, including her ideas on treatment of psychotics, revisions of Freud's ideas on female sexuality, the discovery of the direct connection between normal ego development and psychosis, and the important role fantasy plays in daily life.


What We Ache for: Creativity and the

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Oriah, Oriah Mountain Dreamer

What We Ache for: Creativity and the Unfolding of Your Soul

In her previous books, Oriah Mountain Dreamer has challenged readers to live with passion and honesty, to embrace the true, fallible, human self. What We Ache For is a moving and eloquent call to delve deeply into our creative selves, to do our creative work, and offer it to the world. The creative process is essential to human nature. It is as essential as spirituality and sexuality, and in fact all three are deeply intertwined. What We Ache For is a practical book allowing readers to embrace the urgency and necessity of their creativity, whatever their medium -- writing, painting, sculpture, dance, music, or film. As Oriah says, "Doing creative work allows us to follow the thread of what we ache for into a deeper life, offering us a way to cultivate a life of making love to the world." Following Oriah through this journey in such chapters as "The Seduction of the Artist," "Learning to See," and "Risk and Sacrifice," What We Ache For challenges and inspires readers to fully embrace their artistic selves as a way of forging a path of spiritual unfolding.


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A timely and invaluable source of information for students, professors, and practitioners, this book considers topics related to object relations theory, self-psychology, and cognitive/behavioral therapy. Featuring new research and commentary to address the major changes over the past decade, Ego Psychology and Social Work Practice provides a pre-eminent position on social work practice.

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