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Flowers and Herbs of Early America

Descriere: Hounds-tongue. Ragged robin. Costmary. Pennyroyal. All-heal. These plants, whose very names conjure up a bygone world, were among the great variety of flowers and herbs grown in America's colonial and early Federal gardens. In this sumptuously illustrated book, a leading historic plant expert brings this botanical heritage back to life.Drawing on years of archival research and field trials in Colonial Williamsburg's gardens in Williamsburg, Virginia, Lawrence Griffith documents fifty-six species of flowers and herbs and provides details on how they were cultivated and used. For each plant, an elegant period hand-colored engraving, watercolor, or woodcut is presented along with glorious new photographs by Barbara Temple Lombardi.This book is a dazzling treat for armchair gardeners and for those who have visited and admired the famous gardens of Colonial Williamsburg. It is also an invaluable companion for twenty-first-century gardeners who will appreciate the specific advice of a master gardener on how to plan, choose appropriate species for, and maintain a beautiful, historic flower and herb garden.The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation is a not-for-profit educational institution that operates the world's largest living history museum.Published in association with the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation

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Autori: Lawrence D. Griffith | Editura: Yale University Press | Anul aparitiei: 2010 | ISBN: 9780300164541 | Numar de pagini: 304 | Categorie: Gardening  


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