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Maten a Fidel!: La Apasionante Trama de Los Atentados Contra El Lider Cubano

Descriere: Jose Andres Lopez traza un apasionante panorama de los mas de 600 atentados de los que ha sido objeto Fidel Castro desde 1958, planteando las bases ideologicas y financieras que le dieran sustento a estas tentativas, asi como el perfil de sus autores materiales o mediatos.

Autori: Jose Andres Lopez (Author) | Editura: KESSINGER PUB LLC | Anul aparitiei: 2014 | ISBN: 9781502709448 | Categorie: History  


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Down in My Heart: Peace Witness in War

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William Stafford

Down in My Heart: Peace Witness in War Time

From 1942 to 1945, William Stafford was interned in camps for conscientious objectors for his refusal to be inducted into the U.S. Army. Stafford's memoir of these years offers a rich glimpse into a little-known aspect of World War II and a fascinating look at the formative years of a major American poet.


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The Oxford History of the United States is by far the most respected multi-volume history of our nation. The series includes three Pulitzer Prize winners, two New York Times bestsellers, and winners of the Bancroft and Parkman Prizes. Now, in the newest volume in the series, one of America's most esteemed historians, Gordon S. Wood, offers a brilliant account of the early American Republic, ranging from 1789 and the beginning of the national government to the end of the War of 1812. As Wood reveals, the period was marked by tumultuous change in all aspects of American life--in politics, society, economy, and culture. The men who founded the new government had high hopes for the future, but few of their hopes and dreams worked out quite as they expected. They hated political parties but parties nonetheless emerged. Some wanted the United States to become a great fiscal-military state like those of Britain and France; others wanted the country to remain a rural agricultural state very different from the European states. Instead, by 1815 the United States became something neither group anticipated. Many leaders expected American culture to flourish and surpass that of Europe; instead ...


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