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One Woman's Testimony: In a Whirlwind of Circumstances

Descriere: Whirlwind is a poignant memoir of a turbulent, yet passionate marriage and family, drawn together in their strong bond with each other. Even in great tragedy and testing of faith- Linda's story of perseverance takes you through a life of colorful days; coming through tough times and good times. In this account, the author takes you on a transparent narration of real anecdotes, in telling her story. Hopefully sheading some light for anyone who needs a way to get above their own trials, and all those seemingly unending circumstances. The author shares her surrender of those past hurts which led her to a spiritual freedom. Linda shares about the truth that gave her the strength and courage, and a new understanding of her faith in God, and perseverance. Learning to trust in the Lord's purpose for life's journey. You don't have to be stuck in what has happened to you, but can walk through that whirlwind of circumstances to victory- If you have felt as if you are in a pit, with no way out; there are lessons in this account to build your faith. Knowing that whether, you are in passage of abounding or abasing, it will be okay. You do have a purpose, and when you do look back at your life, you can see God's hand was on you.

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Autori: Linda Lee Vidi (Author) | Editura: PEARSON EDUC | Anul aparitiei: 2012 | ISBN: 9781477220818 | Numar de pagini: 244 | Categorie: Biography  


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