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Rediscovering India - The Garuda Purana

Descriere: REDISCOVERING INDIA IHE GARUDA PURANA DUTTM.N. CONTENTS. SUBJECT. CHAPTER I.Discourse between Sutaand Shaunaka and other Rishis in the forest of NaimifihaSuta promises to narrate the Garuda Puranam CHAPTER II.Sources of the Garuda PuranamVishnu charges Garuda to compose the Garuda Puranam . ... 48 CHAPTER III.Suta describes the subjects dealt with in the Garuda Puranam ... ... ... ... 91 CHAPTER IV.Order of Universal creation described by Narayana to Rudra M. ... ... ...13 CHAPTER V.Creation of the Prajapatis. J he progeny of Daksha described ... ... . 24 CHAPTER VLReincarnation of Daksha in the form of PrachetasOrigin of the different races of men, the progeny of Kashyapa described ... ... 162 CHAPTER VII.Description of the aunworship etc. as per formed by the Selforigined Manu CHAPTER VIILDescription of the mode of worshipping Vishnu ... ...34 CHAPTER IX The mode of spiritual initiation ... ... 3425 CHAPTER X, I he mode of worshipping the goddess Lakshmi 26 CHAPTER XI.Description of the NavaVyuha form of worship .. ... 230 CHAPTER XILDescription of the order to be observed the course of worship ... ... ... ... 3033 CHAPTER XIII. I he prayer of Vishnu Panjaram ... . 3334 CHAPTER XIV, A brief discourse on Yoga ... 36 CHAPTER XV.Enumeratioa of one thousand epithets of Vishnu ... ... ... . ... 3647 CHAPTER ZVLDescription of the mode of meditating on Vishnu as well as of the rite of sunworship . . 4749 CHAPTER XVII.Description of another form of sunworship 4950 CHAPTER XVIILMod of worshipping thi dtlKxroquering deity Mrftyunjaya if CONTENTS, SUBJECV. PAGE. CHAPTER XIX. The Garudi Vidya which is the cure for all kinds of snakebite .. ... ... ... 535 CHAPTER XX. Mantracure curative formulas of snake bite at narrated by Siva ... ... ... 56 58 CHAPTER XXI. Mode of worshipping the Panchavaktra five faced manifestation of Siva ... ... ... 58 5 CHAPTER XXII. 1 he mode of worshipping Siva ... 5960 CHAPTER XXIIL Descriptio of another form of Siva worship ... .. ... ... ... 60 63 CHAPTER XXIV. 1 he worship of Ganapati .. ... 6364 CHAPTER XXV. Sandalworship iPadu4a puja described ... 6465 CHAPTER XXVI. Ihe mode of performing the rites of Karanyasa location of the energies of different divinities in the different limbs by a votary by dint of occult and .psychic force ... ... ... ... 65 66 CH PTER XXVIL Rites for neutralising the effects of snake venoms ... ... ... ... 66 67 CHAPTER XXVIII. The moda of worshipping the Gopala Manifestation of Vishnu ... 6768 CHAPTER XXIX Mantras to be used in connection with the worship of Sridhara manifestation of Vishnu ... ... 68 69 CHAPTER XXX. Elaborate description of the mode of worship ping the SVidhara manifestation of Vishna ... 6972 CHAPTER XXXI. Description of another form of Vishnu worship. ... ... ... 727 CHAPTER XXXIL Adoration of the five fundamental prin ciples of the universe ... ... 77 CHAPTER XXXIIL Worship of the divine discus Sudar staara CHAPTER XXXIV, Hayagriva worship ... ... 8286 CHAPTER XXXV. The mode of worshipping the Hayagnva manifestation of Vishnu., . ... ..

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Autori: M. N. Dutt (Author) | Editura: HESPERIDES PR | Anul aparitiei: 2006 | ISBN: 9781406734133 | Numar de pagini: 276 | Categorie: History  


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