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Solid State Physics

Descriere: This Second Edition is aimed at students taking a firstcourse in this subject, although it will also be of interest toprofessional physicists and electronic engineers requiring a graspof the fundamentals of this important area of physics. Basicconcepts are introduced in an easily accessible context: forexample, wave propagation in crystals is introduced using one-andtwo-dimensional geometries. Only when these basic ideas arefamiliar are generalisations to three dimensions and the elegantframework of the reciprocal lattice made. Extensively rewritten, the Second Edition now includes new and expanded coverage ofsemiconductor devices, the quantum Hall effect, quasicrystals, hightemperature superconductors and techniques for the study of thesurfaces of solids. A chapter on dielectrics and ferroelectrics hasalso been added. Solid State Physics, Second Edition features:
* A carefully written and structured text to help students fullyunderstand this exciting subject.
* A flow diagram allowing topics to be studied in differentorders or omitted altogether.
* Optional "starred" and highlighted sections containing moreadvanced and specialised material for the more ambitiousreader.
* Carefully selected problems at the end of each chapter designedto assist learning. Solutions are provided at the end of thebook.

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Autori: Hook John R., Hall Henry Edgar | Editura: John Wiley & Sons Inc | Anul aparitiei: 1991 | ISBN: 9780471928058 | Numar de pagini: 496 | Categorie: Science  


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