Statistics for Engineering and the Sciences: Student Solutions Manual

Autori: Mark Dummeldinger, Terry Sincich, William Mendenhall | Editura: Pearson Prentice Hall | Anul aparitiei: 2006 | ISBN: 9780131877085 | Numar de pagini: 440 | Categorie: Supplementals  


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Ponto de Encontro, Brazilian Student

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Maria Luci De Biaji Moreira, Clemence M. C. Jouet-Pastre, Anna M. Klobucka

Ponto de Encontro, Brazilian Student Activities Manual: Portuguese as a World Language

The organization of the Student Activities Manual (workbook, lab manual, and video manual) follows that of the main text, providing further practice of each chapter's vocabulary and grammatical structures through sentence building and completion exercises, fill-ins, and art- and realia-cued activities. Reading and writing activities include strategies for improving reading and writing skills. The lab section of each chapter is to be used in conjunction with the SAM audio program recordings of varied listening comprehension selections. The recorded passages are followed by comprehension-check activities. The video manual includes activities that test students' comprehension of the video materials and invite them to react to the experiences and opinions expressed by the speakers. A substantial appendix to both SAMs provides additional targeted practice for Spanish-speaking learners of Portuguese.


All-Star - Book 3 (Intermediate) -

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Linda Lee, Bernard Jean, Lee Linda

All-Star - Book 3 (Intermediate) - Workbook

"All-Star" is a four-level, "standards-based" series for adult English learners featuring a picture-dictionary approach to vocabulary building. "Big picture" scenes in each unit provide springboards to a wealth of activities that develop all the language skills. An accessible, step-by-step sequence of lessons in each unit systemically builds language and math skills around life-skill topics. The series presents a family, work, or community application in each unit, and provides two alternate lesson applications in each of the "All Star" Workbooks. This workbook is designed to accompany the intermediate level student book.