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Alcohol Fuel: Making and Using Ethanol as a

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Richard Freudenberger

Alcohol Fuel: Making and Using Ethanol as a Renewable Fuel

Editura: New Society Publishers

Anul aparitiei: 2009

Dwindling petroleum supplies and growing environmental concerns are significantly impacting the cost of petro-fuel and its infrastructure. The search for alternative fuel sources has led to ethanol, a gasoline substitute that is already in the marketplace as Gasohol and E-85. But large-scale production of corn-based ethanol is controversial as it threatens the world's food supply. There are alternatives, however: Brazil uses sugar cane, which is up to six times more productive in energy conversion.After the energy crisis of the 1970s, there was a lot of misinformation about the cost of individual ethanol production. In order to achieve energy independence from gasoline, ethanol lends itself to small-scale production, and especially to cooperative ventures in rural communities, often using "waste" feedstock.Alcohol Fuel is a practical, grassroots book that will give readers all the information they need, covering every aspect of making and using ethanol for fuel, including: Permitting and planningBudgeting and setupSourcing feedstocksFinding and building distillation equipmentStorage and safetyPractical applications for converting motor vehicles, farm equipment, and space-heating ...


Combustibilul pe baza de alcool

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Richard Freudenberger

Combustibilul pe baza de alcool

Editura: Mast

Anul aparitiei: 2013

Criza combustibililor fosili poate fi mai indepartata sau ametitor de aproape. Lumea pregateste masuri de compensare iar plantele cu potential energetic reprezinta o componenta puternica a listei acsetor masuri alaturi de energia eoliana si cea solara. Noi de propunem prin aceasta lucrare ca un cultivator de sfecla de zahar sa nu se gandeasca doar la zahar atunci cand se hotaraste sa infiinteze o astfel de cultura ci si la rezervoarele autoturismelor care pot functiona foarte bine si cu alcool nu neaparat cu benzina . Sau un cultivator de plante oleaginoase sa nu aiba in imagine doar tigaia in care sfaraie uleiul in asteptarea feliilor de cartofi; combustibilul diesel nu e neaparat doar motorina


The Country Almanac of Housekeeping Techniques

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Richard Freudenberger (Author)

The Country Almanac of Housekeeping Techniques That Save You Money: Folk Wisdom for Keeping Your House Clean, Green, and Homey


Anul aparitiei: 2011

"The Country Almanac of Housekeeping Techniques That Save You Money is an empowering book that shows us all how to live healthier and greener, save money, take care of our homes and yards, and do it all ourselves It would make a great gift for any homeowner."--Brigitte Mars,, co-author of The Country Almanac of Home RemediesOur forefathers and mothers knew how to keep their homes clean and homey--and live richer while spending less. Many of today's products are expensive, bad for the environment, and don't work any better than Grandma's methods, which only cost pennies.The editors at Back Home Magazine have collected hundreds of formulas for effective cleaning, gardening, and home maintenance--as well as ways our ancestors saved on heating bills, prevented costly repairs, and maintained a cozy, charming home with little besides ingenuity.Drawing on the advice and techniques of contributors across the country, this indispensable guide shows you the best ways to take care of everything in your home from wood floors, to tile, to stainless steel appliances--and how to get the longest life out of every household item from pots and pans to pillowcases.The Country ...

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