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Changing for Good

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Carlo C. Diclemente, John C. Norcross, James O. Prochaska

Changing for Good

Editura: Quill

Anul aparitiei: 1995

How many times have you thought about starting a diet or quitting smoking without doing anything about it? Or lapsed back into bad habits after hitting a rough spot on the road to recovery?To uncover the secret to successful personal change, three acclaimed psychologists studied more than 1,000 people who were able to positively and permanently alter their lives without psychotherapy. They discovered that change does not depend on luck or willpower. It is a process that can be successfully managed by anyone who understands how it works. Once you determine which stage of change you're in, you can: create a climate where positive change can occurmaintain motivationturn setbacks into progressmake your new benefifificial habits a permanent part of your lifeThis groundbreaking book offers simple self-assessments, informative case histories, and concrete examples to help clarify each stage and process. Whether your goal is to start saving money, to stop drinking, or to end other self-defeating or addictive behaviors, this revolutionary program will help you implement positive personal change . . . for life.The National Cancer Institute Found this program more than twice as effective as ...


Addiction and Change: How Addictions Develop and

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Carlo C. DiClemente (Author)

Addiction and Change: How Addictions Develop and Addicted People Recover


Anul aparitiei: 2006

Offers a panoramic view of the entire continuum of addictive behavior change. This book presents the common path that individuals travel as they establish and reinforce new patterns of behavior, whether they are developing an addiction or struggling to free themselves from one, and regardless of the specific addictive behavior.


Addiction and Change, Second Edition: How

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Carlo C. DiClemente (Author)

Addiction and Change, Second Edition: How Addictions Develop and Addicted People Recover


Anul aparitiei: 2018

Not everyone who experiments with substance use or risky behavior becomes addicted, and many who are addicted have been able to recover. This authoritative book, now revised and updated, has given tens of thousands of professionals and students a state-of-the-art framework for understanding the journey both into and out of addiction. From Carlo C. DiClemente, codeveloper of the transtheoretical model (TTM), the book identifies the stages and processes involved in initiating, modifying, maintaining, or stopping any pattern of behavior. Grounded in extensive research, and illustrated with vivid case examples, the book shows how using the TTM can help overcome obstacles to change and make treatment and prevention more effective. New to This Edition *Incorporates 15 years of research advances, contemporary prevention and treatment approaches, and the ongoing development of the TTM. *Chapter on current developments in intervention research. *Expanded discussions of neuroscience; self-regulation; behavioral economics; self-help, mutual help, and spirituality; motivational issues; "process addictions" (gambling and sex addiction); and more. *Deeper coverage of risk and protective factors ...

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