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Formarea pentru psihoterapie

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Jesse D. Geller, David E. Orlinsky, John C. Norcross

Formarea pentru psihoterapie

Editura: Trei

Psihoterapia de formare – experienta cea mai importanta a unui psihoterapeut Formarea pentru psihoterapie prezinta interes maxim atat pentru toti cei care doresc sa devina psihoterapeuti, cat si pentru asociatiile profesionale de diferite orientari ale psihoterapeutilor. Psihoterapia de formare este prezentata din trei puncte de vedere: al psihoterapeutului pacient, al psihoterapeutului formator si al cercetarilor empirice. Fara a neglija aspectele teoretice ale formarii, accentul este pus pe psihoterapia de formare, considerata cea mai importanta influenta din punct de vedere profesional si uman. Jesse D. Geller este profesor de psihologie clinica la Yale University School of Medicine si Columbia University Teachers College; John C. Norcross este profesor de psihologie la University of Scranton; David E. Orlinsky este profesor de psihologie la University of Chicago, Comittee of Human Developement. Cuprins:


The Psychotherapist's Own Psychotherapy: Patient

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Jesse D. Geller (Editor)

The Psychotherapist's Own Psychotherapy: Patient and Clinician Perspectives


Anul aparitiei: 2005

The Psychotherapist's Own Psychotherapy: Patient and Clinician Perspectives lifts a curtain that has long shrouded the intimate alliances between therapists and those of their patients who share the same profession. In this unique volume, distinguished contributors explore the multi-faceted nature of psychotherapy of psychotherapists from "both sides of the couch." The first-person narratives, clinical wisdom, and research findings gathered together in this book offer guidance about providing effective treatments to therapist patients. Part I presents multiple theoretical positions that justify and guide the work of therapists' therapists. In Part II, eminent therapists write eloquently and intimately about their own experiences as patients. Their personal reflections offer valuable insights about what is healing and educational about psychotherapy. These narratives are followed by several chapters reviewing scientific research on therapists in personal therapy, including the first report of relevant findings from a major international survey of psychotherapists. In Part III, celebrated therapists from different theoretical orientations offer guidance on conducting therapy with ...

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