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Dad's Army: The Collector's Edition Series Three: BBC Radio Collection

Descriere: This handsome box set contains 26 episodes from the third radio series of Dad's Army, first transmitted on BBC Radio 4 from 16.3.76 to 9.9.76. The 14 CDs are accompanied by an illustrated booklet detailing the series' background, programme credits, and cast biographies. The episodes are: A Man of Action / The Honourable Man / The Godiva Affair / Keep Young and Beautiful / Absent Friends / Round & Round Went the Great Big Wheel / The Great White Hunter / The Deadly Attachment / Things That Go Bump in the Night / My British Buddy / Big Guns / The Big Parade / Asleep in the Deep / We Know Our Onions / The Royal Train / High Finance / A Question of Reference / The Recruit / A Jumbo Sized Problem / The Cricket Match / Time on My Hands / Turkey Dinner / The Captain's Car / The Two-and-a-Half Feathers / Is There Honey Still for Tea? / Ten Seconds From Now . Also included is a bonus disc, containing the previously untransmitted pilot episode of the spin-off series It Sticks Out Half a Mile.14 CDs. 12 hrs 42 mins."

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Autori: David Croft (Author) | Editura: BBC BOOKS | Anul aparitiei: 2004 | ISBN: 9780563496625 | Categorie: Diverse  


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