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Favorite Dogs Coloring Book

Descriere: Did you know that:
- Great Danes did not originate in Denmark.
- Chihuahuas were used in religious rituals by the Aztecs in Mexico.
- Poodles were originally water retrievers and truffle hunters.
- Pomeranians are miniature descendants of sled dogs from Iceland and Lapland.
- Dogs mentioned in the Bible are very similar to today's Salikis.
Animal illustrator John Green and writer Soren Robertson have teamed up to create a unique coloring book that reveals many fascinating facts about humanity's "best friend." Here are 42 popular breeds -- dachshund, beagle, collie, cocker spaniel, St. Bernard, greyhound, poodle, German shepherd, and more -- all rendered in superb line drawings. Each breed's average height and weight, standard coloring, general characteristics, and historical origins are described in concise captions; a helpful glossary defines hair-color terms. While showing how dogs serve humanity as hunters, racers, workers, beginning with the first wolf-like dogs who hunted 50,000 years ago.

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Autori: Soren Robertson, John Green | Editura: Dover Publications | Anul aparitiei: 1984 | ISBN: 9780486245522 | Numar de pagini: 48 | Categorie: Coloring  


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