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Science of Breath

Descriere: This is an excellent beginning book on breathing for anyone who is interested in yoga. It covers the importance of breathing, basic respiratory physiology and the relationship between science and yoga.

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Autori: Yogi Ramacharaka Yogi | Editura: WWW.Bnpublishing.com | Anul aparitiei: 2007 | ISBN: 9789561002500 | Numar de pagini: 112 | Categorie: New  


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Stoker Hunt


The First Book To Take A Hard Look At The Phenomenon Called "The Ouija Board" Is it just a game? When you ask the Ouija board a question, who is it that answers? What about those stories of Ouija-inspired prophecy and clairvoyance? What are the dangers of the Ouija board? Do you know the stories of Ouija-inspired murders, madness, obsession and possession? Exalted by some, condemned by others, there's no doubt the Ouija is controversial. In this fascinating book Stoker Hunt investigates the history and legacy of this "Mystic Talking Oracle."


The Complete Idiot's Guide to

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Eve Adamson, Joan Budilovsky

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Meditation, 2nd Edition

-- New, updated content on modern areas in meditation including world religious tie-ins, music and modern chants. -- Beats coverage of the competition. In today's hectic times, it's more important than ever to learn to slow down, relax and be calm. Whether part of religious habit or just part of a daily routine, meditation can help slow the today's frenzied pace and improve feelings of good health, peace and control. In The Complete Idiot's Guide "RM" to Meditation, Second Edition, the authors explain how easy it is to enjoy the benefits of meditation including: simple stress-reduction techniques that make learning to meditate easier; incorporating meditation into day-to-day situations; common misconceptions about meditating; and special techniques from Zen to guided imagery to mindfulness meditation.


Sextrology: The Astrology of Sex and the

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And Cox Starsky, Stella Starsky, Quinn Cox

Sextrology: The Astrology of Sex and the Sexes

Sextrology draws insight from modern astrology to help people find their perfect sexual matches. This book takes an original, smart and sexy approach to evaluating astrological identities, and will again have people asking, 'What's your sign?'. In sophisticated, uninhibited language, Sextrology accomplishes what no existing astrology book has ever achieved: it candidly explores sexual relationships from an astrological perspective without insulting the reader with new-age mumbo jumbo or sugary advice for capturing a mate. Sextrology uncovers the naked truth of all possible cosmic couplings with candour, imaginations, and a wry sense of humour. It focuses on the 24 sex signs, pointing out the difference between men and women of each sign, their particular sexual psychology and behaviour, secret desires, and even physical attributes. Both straight and gay sex are explored for each sex sign, while desires, turn-offs, fantasies, and foibles are investigated in titillating detail. No stone is left unturned in this provocative, highly entertaining look at the sexes and sexual relationships.

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